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Cut new axle slots in your pinewood derby car block. Now you can cut accurate axle slots in a pinewood derby car block with this tool and a standard hack saw. New axle slots are needed if the existing slots were not cut straight or if you want to alter the wheelbase of your pinewood derby car. You can also cut slots in the top of the block then cut the block in half to make two blocks. Width between body and wheel? | Pinewood Derby Online Pinewood Derby Online, a forum for questions and discussions about everyone's favorite gravity powered racers! CLICK HERE to register as a member today for full access to the forum, it's fast, simple, and absolutely free! Width between body and wheel? ... (a fair amount) on the axle/precut slot and worked it in with a toothpick. I assume there ... Jaguar Pinewood Derby Kit | Maximum Velocity The Jaguar Pinewood Derby Kit includes a pre-shaped body with axle slots or holes, weight pockets, tungsten weight, and instructions. Wheels and axles are not included, so use the wheels and axles supplied by your club or order them separately.

The quality of your Pinewood Derby car’s axles and wheels may be the most important factor in building a fast car. Here’s how to choose and polish your car’s axles and wheels. Polishing Pinewood Derby Axles. 1. Start with a set of raw axles. 2. Can you tell the difference between the axles in the top row and the ones on the bottom?

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The Pro-Body tool will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by: Axle Slot Preparation: For kits with axle slots, the Pro-Body Tool ensures accurate axle positioning by allowing you to drill accurate axle pilot holes into the existing axle slots with a hand drill!. The pilot holes ensure that the axles are mounted square and true on the car.

The use of prefabricated wheels, axles, and car bodies is prohibited. ... cars must be built from new materials (car body, wheels and axles) found in the official Pinewood Derby kit, however parts of cars, ... Width: Car cannot be more than 2 3 /4 inches wide. ... The official kit block has pre-cut slots which are correctly spaced. Pro Body Tool - Derby Worx Manufacturer of Pinewood Derby Car Parts Body Block preparation is the foundation of a FAST Pinewood Derby Car and the ... Axle Slot Preparation: For kits with axle slots, the Pro-Body Tool ensures ... use coarse grit sandpaper to reduce the width of the block until the tool fits snuggly. Pintwood Derby at Rare Bird Brewpub Only official Boy Scout of America (BSA) Pinewood Derby wheels and axles are ... long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications. ... Lay square on block to check for squareness and alignment of slot.

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So you might consider moving the two pre-made axle slots further towards the end of the block. If you decide to do this, make sure the new axle slots are exactly square with the side of the block or else the car alignment will be off. 6. Drill holes for the weight. Pinewood derby cars work on basic Newtonian physics. Pinewood Derby Rules - Pack 3131 - Google Sites · If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, looses an axle, etc., the heat will be re-run. At its discretion, the Pinewood Derby Committee may remove a car from competition if a car consistently runs out of its lane, thereby making the continuation of the event impossible. Pure Stock Rules - Pinewood Derby Speed Tips Fender flairs with less clearance are acceptable as long as the center rail width clearance is the same in rule R1E. G. Wheelbase – No More than 4 1/2 inches from center of front axle slot to center of rear axle slot (11.43cm). Cannot extend wheelbase. R2. Body design may be enhanced by adding other stable materials such as plastic or metal.